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Club Trips

Southern Explorers regularly organises trips for members. Club trips are co-ordinated through our Trip Co-ordinator Officer. The details are posted on the ‘Trips Board’ at every meeting. Simply fill in the details requested on the form. You will be contacted and provided additional details, by the respective trip leader, as required.

Club members are also encouraged to suggest trips that interest them. They can then either be the trip leader or co-lead with a more experienced trip leader from the club.

Usually the trips commence at a centralised location at a particular date and time. Travel may be in convoy. It pays you to be familiar with convoy procedures, before the trip commences. Club trips are covered by our club insurance policy (Public Liability & Personal Injury etc)

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Recent Trips, Reports and Photos

Otway Ranges VIC 2023

Peake SA 2023 Link to Video

Fleurieu Trails SA 2023 Photos

East MacDonnell Ranges NT 2023     (Link to Photos)

Victorian High Country VIC 2023    (Link to Photos)

Goolwa Beach SA Australia Day 2023 Photos

Normanville SA 2022

Peake SA 2022 Trip Report    (Link to Photos)

Mount Ive Station/Gawler Ranges SA 2022 (Link to Photos)

Little Desert National Park VIC 2022 (Link to Photos)

Eagle View 4WD Track SA 2022  (Link to Photos)  

Argadells SA 2022 (Link to photos)

Morgan Quarry SA 2022     (Link to Photos)

Goolwa Beach SA 2022 Australia Day (Link to Photos)

Beachport SE SA 2022 Trip Report    (Link to Photos)

Peake SA 2021 Trip Report     (Link to Photos)

Breakaways , Painted Desert SA 2021 Report  (Link to Photos)

Coorong Historical Trail SA (PDF) 2021

Swan Reach Dark Rerserve SA 2020

Eyre Penn. SA 2020: Coffin Bay NPWest Coast , Gawler Ranges

Otway Ranges VIC 2020     (Link to Photos)

Horseshoe Rim (South) SA 2019

SA/VIC Border (Nelson-Paringa) 2019  (Link to Photos)

Mt Ive Station (Kingoonya) SA 2019

Googs Track SA 2019    (Link to Photos)

Lake Mungo National Park NSW 2019

The Grampians Vic 2019

Maralinga SA 2018

Peake Sand Hills SA 2018 

Glass Gorge 2017

Burra Goyder South Driving Trail SA 2016

Wright Bay SA 2016

Murray Sunset NP Vic 2016

Mt Ive and Gawler Ranges SA 2015     (Link to Photos)

Victorian High Country VIC 2015

Ardrossan and West Coast Yorp Penn. SA 2015    (Link to Photos)

Gleeson’s Landing SA 2015     (Link to Photos)

Burra and Goyder Northern Driving Trail SA 2014     (Link to Photos)

Langhorne Creek SA 2013  (Link to Photos)

Darling River Run NSW 2013

Archived Trips 

(Contact Web Administrator for set of photos)

Mt Ive SA 2011 & Easter 2007

Googs Track SA

Peake Sand Hills SA (multiple dates)

Simpson Desert (multiple dates)

Douglas Scrub SA 2010

Yankalilla Trails 2010

Beltana SA  Easter 2010

Willow Springs Skytrack & Lake Eyre Easter 2009

The Grampians Vic 2009

The Homestead @ Tintinara SA Easter 2008

Saunders George SA 2008

Argadells SA 2008

Cape York QLD 2007

Beachport Robe SA 2007

Arkaroola Warraweena 2006

Darwin Kakadu Litchfield NT 2003 

Tilmouth Well to Gieke Gorge 2003